Why Do Raccoons Keep Coming Back in My Attic?

Why Do Raccoons Keep Coming Back in My Attic

Ever wondered why raccoons keep finding their way into your attic? They’re not just looking for a cozy spot; in many cases, they are looking to build a nest for their baby raccoons. In their search for a nest, they cause a lot of damage, like ripping through insulation, making holes in roofs, chewing on wires, etc. Your attic is like a haven for them, offering warmth and shelter.

When raccoons move into your attic, they leave a scent there that, if not remediated when the raccoons are removed, will draw the raccoons back to your attic

At Master Attic, we focus on more than just removing the raccoons. We study what draws them in and use that information to seal & protect your home humanely.

Our approach goes beyond just kicking the raccoons out. We look at the big picture and we remove the scents as well as make your attic unappealing to raccoons for good. Using our expertise, we can protect your home and turn it into a safe place—no raccoons allowed.

Table of Contents

Key Takeaways

  • Raccoons’ instinctual need for shelter can drive them into our attics, which necessitates professional removal services.
  • Understanding raccoon behavior is key to implementing raccoon-proof attic measures.
  • Signs of a raccoon attic infestation include disturbances in insulation, damaged wiring, noises at night, and raccoon feces.
  • Securing potential access points significantly reduces the risk of recurring raccoon issues.
  • Proactive cleanliness around trash disposal and pet feeding areas helps in preventing raccoons in the attic.
  • Sanitization and decontamination are critical following an infestation to eliminate attractants.

Don’t let wildlife outsmart you. Reach out to Master Attic – ATTIC RACCOON REMOVAL SERVICE at Call (800) 285-4009 Today! Let’s work together to protect your home.

Understanding Raccoon Behavior: Insights into Their Persistent Returns

Raccoons are smart animals and do well in cities as well as suburban areas. They like areas like attics because they’re safe, offer a lot of material for their nests, and are cozy. Knowing what they like and why they like it helps keep them away from our homes.

Searching for Shelter and Warmth

Raccoons love attics for their peace, large amounts of materials, and warmth. Attics are perfect for them to sleep during the day. You can try things like loud sounds or bad smells to keep raccoons out of your attic, but these are just temporary and often end up causing you discomfort as well.

Maternal Instincts: Why Female Raccoons Choose Attics for Their Young

Attics are great for mom raccoons to raise babies safely. This keeps the babies away from danger. Using experts to remove the raccoon family helps the raccoons find a better home without hurting them.

Raccoons in Urban Environments: Adapting to Human Proximity

Raccoons are clever and are adept at finding food in cities as well as suburban areas. They’re easily attracted if they find things like trash or pet food easy to get. To stop them, your home would need to be sealed using material they can not chew threw.

Here are some ways to help if raccoons are in your attic:




Sealing Entry Points

Use of sturdy materials like steel mesh or sheet metal to block access.

Highly effective in long-term raccoon deterrence.

Motion-Activated Sprinklers

Devices that startle raccoons with a sudden burst of water.

Short-term deters raccoons from entering specific areas.

Professional Raccoon Removal

Inspection and humane trapping by experts from services like Master Attic.

Ensures safe removal and prevention of future infestations.

Natural Repellents

Application of mixes such as hot pepper or garlic with water.

Moderately effective; requires regular application.

Working with pros ensures your safety as well as the raccoons’. Professionals like Master Attic are skilled in dealing with raccoons without hurting them. Attempting to deal with a raccoon issue on your own (DIY) is extremely risky for yourself as well as for the raccoons, and generally even if you do manage to get the raccoons out they often will return.

If you need help with raccoons in your attic in New Jersey, call Master Attic—RACCOON REMOVAL SERVICE at (800) 285-4009 for expert advice and solutions.

Identifying Signs of Raccoon Infestation in Your Attic

It’s important to be able to identify the signs of a raccoon attic infestation. Many homeowners don’t realize their attic has become a raccoon hideout. If you spot the signs early, stopping raccoons from making your attic their home is easier.

Identifying Signs of Raccoon Infestation in Your Attic


Raccoons can slip through very small openings, as tiny as 4 inches across. They often pick attics for shelter, especially when the weather is bad or they’re looking for a safe place for their babies. You may hear them at night, making loud thumping noises, cries, and barking. Nighttime is when they’re most active, and that’s often when you find out they’re around.

  • Physical Damage: Check for torn insulation, chewed-on wires, or damaged ducts. Raccoons also mess up roofs and vents, which means you could face big repair bills.
  • Excrement and Urine: Finding stains and smells from raccoon pee and poop means they’re likely around. It’s not just gross; it’s also a health hazard, with bacteria and roundworm eggs possibly present.
  • Raccoon Trails: These show the paths raccoons take, and they may look like smudges, footprints, or poop. You might see these signs if raccoons are moving about your attic often.

Scaring raccoons away with bright lights, loud sounds, or natural smells like apple cider vinegar might stop them from moving in. But if they’ve already made a home in your attic, you’ll probably need help from the pros. Companies like Master Attic use safe methods to get raccoons out without harming them. It’s important to note that to solve the problem completely, they will have to remove the whole raccoon family.

If you think raccoons are in your attic and you live in New Jersey or Easter Pennsylvania, call Master Attic at (800) 285-4009. Our team is skilled at removing raccoons without causing harm, making sure your attic is wildlife-free quickly and with care. The longer you wait to deal with the situation, the more damage your home might suffer. Act quickly to keep your house and family safe.

Why Do Raccoons Keep Coming Back to My Attic: Analyzing the Root Causes

Raccoons come back to attics for reasons we might not think about. It’s not just about them being a bother. It’s about how easy it is for them to get in, how cozy our attics are for them, and the food they can find there. Gaining insight into these reasons helps us keep raccoons out better. We can use smart strategies to make sure raccoons stay away from our homes.

Accessibility: Easy Entry Points for Raccoons

Raccoons are good climbers and sneak into our attics. They also find weak spots in our houses, like broken vents or gaps in our siding. To keep them out, we need to check and fix these spots regularly.

Attraction: Is Your Attic an Ideal Raccoon Habitat?

Attics that are warm, insulated, and near food are perfect for raccoons. To keep them out, make sure your attic isn’t cozy for them. This means properly insulating it, ensuring good airflow, and removing any food that might tempt them.

Food Sources: How Your Attic Might Be Serving Up a Feast

Raccoons aren’t fussy about where they find food. If there are easy-to-reach places for them to get food in your attic, they will keep coming back. Make sure trash cans are locked, and pet food is stored so they can’t get to it.

Professional services are key to stopping raccoons for good. They not only get rid of raccoons but also help make sure they don’t come back. For instance, Master Attic offers to seal entry points and suggests changes to make your home less appealing to raccoons.

Our advice: Act soon to avoid raccoon problems escalating. Protect your home with expert help to control raccoons. Always keep an eye on your attic to make sure it stays free of these unwanted guests. Getting help from pros quickly is a smart move if you hear or see raccoons. It’ll help you avoid bigger problems later on.



Easy Access through damaged vents

Install secure vent covers

Attractive quiet and warm environment

Enhance attic ventilation and reduce warmth

Food sources like garbage and pet food

Secure food in sturdy, inaccessible containers

Preventing raccoons from getting into your attic is simple. Seal up any way they can get inside, keep food out of reach, and regularly check for any signs that they’re around. This three-step method is a great way to keep your home raccoon-proof.

Humane and Effective Methods for Raccoon Removal and Prevention

At Master Attic, we care about humane raccoon removal. It’s crucial for both homeowners and raccoons to be safe. We mix our experience with kind, safe methods. Creating a raccoon deterrent for the attic is key to keeping them away.

Here are some easy tips to avoid raccoons finding your attic attractive:

Prevention Strategy


Implementation Tips

Trash Securement

Securing trash cans with wildlife-proof lids and straps

Use bungee cords or weights to keep lids closed firmly

Yard Deterrents

Applying hot sauce or installing motion-activated devices

Focus applications near common entry points and around garden areas

Home Fortification

Sealing entry points and reinforcing barriers

Regularly inspect the attic and roof for cracks or openings

Humane and Effective Methods for Raccoon Removal and Prevention

For the best help with raccoons, contact experts like us. At Master Attic, we use our knowledge and skills to remove raccoons and focus on stopping them from returning. We believe in treating raccoons fairly and safely. For a trusted & effective attic raccoon removal service, call (800) 285-4009 now.

Raccoon-Proofing Your Attic: Long-Term Solutions to Keep Them Out

Tackling a raccoon attic infestation needs a lasting solution. These solutions help ensure raccoons are both removed and kept out for good. Homeowners can protect their attics by understanding raccoons’ behavior and the damage they cause.

Master Attic – Raccoon Removal Service

At Master Attic, we offer a raccoon removal service. Our team is experienced in handling raccoon problems. We not only remove them but also give advice on keeping them out for the long term.

Securing Entry Points and Making Attic Repairs

Getting rid of raccoons in the attic starts with a full inspection. We find and secure all ways raccoons could enter, including fixing roofs, sealing vents, and reinforcing weak spots. Raccoons can cause major damage, such as leaking roofs and damaged wires.

Sanitation and Decontamination: Cleaning Up After an Infestation

After raccoons are gone, a clean-up is necessary to prevent more from coming. Our service includes cleaning up and getting rid of left-over scents, which helps keep raccoons from returning to the same place.

We offer advice to the homeowner on how to keep raccoons away. This includes securing trash and not leaving food outdoors. These simple steps can prevent raccoons from getting into your attic.

Keeping raccoons out of your attic is crucial for the health and safety of your home. Raccoons not only make noise but also cause damage and health risks. With the right steps and advice from Master Attic, you can make your attic safe from raccoons.


To sum up, we’ve learned a lot about raccoon problems in our attics. Raccoons are smart and can make our attics into cozy homes. It’s key to stop them early by blocking their paths, even those as tiny as 3 inches. By closing off these entries and securing food areas, raccoons will try to find meals elsewhere.

Bright lights, loud radios, and smelly ammonia can also chase raccoons away. But, remember, they can bring diseases like rabies and damage your house. So, quick action is crucial. Master Attic offers expert and humane raccoon removal. You can reach them at (800) 285-4009.

Dealing with raccoons requires respect for the law and the animals. It’s illegal to trap or move them in places like Texas without the right permissions. Professional services know the rules and use safe methods to remove raccoons. They protect both us and the raccoons. Don’t wait; act fast and keep your home safe from wild visitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you remove a raccoon from your attic, if not done correctly, they often leave behind a scent that they know and come back to. Additionally, raccoons often return to attics seeking shelter and warmth. This is especially true in the cold or for mothers raising their young. They might choose your attic if it’s easy to get into, warm, and has food nearby.

Be on the lookout for odd noises like thumping or scratching. Also, check for raccoon poop, insulation damage, and chewed wires. You might see torn wall paneling and roof shingles, too. If you often spot raccoons around your home, they may try or already have gained entry to your attic.

To keep raccoons out, start by fixing any openings like vents or shingles. Make sure there are no holes or gaps they can use to get in. Bright lights or repellents in the attic can also work. Finally, watch over your outdoor food sources. But for the best results, consider professional help.

The main cause of raccoons returning to your attic is the scent they leave behind. Their return can also be linked to easy access, a cozy environment, and food. Raccoons can get in if there’s even a tiny opening. Closing off these ways is key to stopping them from coming back.

After they’re gone, clean up the attic well. This means getting rid of any smells and waste they left behind. Fix the damage they made to keep raccoons out in the future. Services like Master Attic can help with this.

Master Attic is skilled at removing raccoons in a caring way. We seal the attic, make repairs, and clean up. Plus, we offer advice on how to keep raccoons from coming back

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