If your home has a basement you may have noticed your floors getting cooler in the wintertime. Insulation in the basement is not a requirement but will add an extra guarantee that you will use less energy and keep your floors warmer. Especially if your rim joists have not been air sealed and insulated. The rim joists are the perimeter of the basement, which is a wood square sill plate in each bay, that is up against the top exterior walls. Behind this bay is only siding or a brick exterior wall, allowing cold drafts to pass through very easily and making the floor cold. Without insulation and air sealing in the basement and rim joists, cold air is coming into your home and heat is escaping by not being contained in the home. It’s recommended to have insulation in all four areas like the attic, walls on each side, and basement or crawlspace to lock in the energy you are pumping in and contain it. As well, when sealing any air holes in the rim joists and basement prevents any rodents from entering your basement or home preventing any further damage elsewhere.

Benefits of the basement and rim joist insulation and air sealing:

  • Save energy
  •  Lower utility bills
  •  Prevent drafts
  •  Keep out rodents
  •  Warm the floors
  •  Regulate interior temperature


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