Baffle Vents

Having proper airflow in your attic is very important for many reasons. When moisture combined with excessive heat enters your attic, it is very beneficial for clean air to enter and help filter the negative air out. Most attics are equipped with a gable vent, however, that is not enough to pull the air through the attic and create airflow movement throughout the entire attic. Baffles are important for attics with open soffits or even if you plan to open your soffits in the future.

When new insulation is installed, it must be covering the sheetrock and be inserted up until the ending of the sheetrock to properly insulate the attic. This can block airflow from the soffits because it’s very close up to the roof in each bay of the attic. Having baffles placed in each bay prevents the insulation from touching the roof and blocking the airflow from soffits creating a proper airway into the attic.

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