Air Duct Repair / Replacement

Most homeowners don’t always pay enough valid attention to their HVAC system in the attic or crawlspace. However, this is a very crucial matter to make sure you maintain and inspect regularly. The air ducts in your attic or crawlspace transfer all the heat and A.C. from your HVAC system and dispense the air through your house. This is the air that you breathe daily and should be routinely cleaned and checked to ensure you are breathing healthy, mold-free, dust-free, and rodent-free air. If you have experienced a rodent problem in your attic, it’s common for them to puncture holes in the ducts, and sometimes go inside and climb through them, leaving behind toxic waste and urine. The insulation that wraps around the ducts can get damaged as well, causing air leaks and higher energy bills.

Things to observe if you suspect air duct issues:

  • Decreased air flow
  •  Musky odors
  •  Excessive dust
  •  Noisy Vents
  •  Holes in ducts
  •  Rodent activity
  •  Higher utility bills
  •  Dead rodent odor


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