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Master Attic has bridged the gap between home efficiency and safety, rapidly becoming NJ and eastern PA’s #1 choice for your home’s Attic or Crawlspace.

Our team specializes in ensuring your Attic or Crawlspace is a place of calm and cleanliness. Ultimately, leaving your interior living space a healthy, energy-saving, rodent-free home for you and your family.

20 + Years of Experience
Licensed Team
Of Professionals


As a leading brand in the industry, our goal at Master Attic from the first initial conversation is to earn your trust and educate you on our industry-leading expertise for your Attic or Crawlspace. We provide professional and top-grade materials for your home ensuring long-lasting, safe, and effective solutions that will bring many years of comfort and safety. Each job that we approach is carefully planned and tailored to meet your needs and budget without ever sacrificing quality and integrity.

Most importantly, with our 20+ years of experience, all of our work is done in-house by Master Attic, Licensed and Insured technicians, who are hired and trained by our company directly. We have remediated thousands of attics and crawlspaces across NJ and PA, building quite the reputation for homeowners, that are now our recommending and referring voices to their neighbors, friends, family, and across the internet, leaving us thousands of satisfied customers and amazing reviews.

With premium customer care at the frontline of our work, rest assured knowing confidently that our service was designed to be a safe and effective, turn-key operation for all your home’s attic and crawlspace needs.


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