Crawlspace Insulation Removal

The crawlspace is an area under your home and floors that is a quiet and cool dark space. Most homeowners do not spend a lot of time down there unless they store items or need to do regular maintenance. It’s common to have all sorts of insects and rodents occupying the space and can do significant damage to the insulation and wood ceiling. A regular check by a professional is recommended to ensure your insulation is intact.

Insulation has a life expectancy of 20+ years. At this point, it starts to break down and decompose causing it to fall. Many other issues can cause your insulation to fall and prevent you from keeping your home warm and secure, costing you money on higher utility bills. The insulation is held in place by metal rods that secure it to the joists and hold it in place. If you’re experiencing a rodent issue, or have a busted pipe, the insulation will simply fall and can accumulate moisture and potentially mold from the condensation on the ground. Rodents tend to nest in the insulation for warmth and comfort causing it to fall out of place. Along with the removal of damaged insulation, rodent proofing the space to prevent further rodent entry is necessary to ensure no further issues occur.

Our specialized team of professionals at Master Attic is very knowledgeable on the correct ways to remediate the insulation and ensure no future issues.

Signs to observe if you are concerned about your crawlspace insulation:

  • Falling insulation
  •  Rodent nesting & feces
  •  Higher energy bills
  •  Foul or musky odors
  •  Water puddles
  •  Outdated insulation
  •  Noises in the crawlspace
  •  Busted pipe
  •  Fluctuating temperatures
  •  Storm flooding

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