What is a Radiant Barrier?

You may have encountered radiant barriers if you’ve been searching for ways to increase energy efficiency in your attic space. Understanding what a radiant barrier is and how a radiant barrier works can help save you hundreds of dollars on energy costs.

As you continue reading below, we’ll go more in-depth about what a radiant barrier is, how radiant barriers work, what types of radiant barriers are available, and why you should contact a professional if you need radiant barriers installed.

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What are Radiant Barriers?

Radiant barriers are installed in attics to reduce the heat during the summer months and to reduce your cooling costs. Radiant barriers consist of reflective material that reflects radiant heat instead of absorbing it, and they do not reduce heat conduction as thermal attic insulation does. 

How do Radiant Barriers Work?

Through conduction, convection, and radiation, heat will travel from a warm area to a cooler place. Heat flowing within a material will make its way to assemble in a cooler location. Convection occurs when liquid, gas, or air is heated and rises.

When the liquid or gas begins to cool, it will become denser and fall. When heat travels, it flows in a straight line away from surfaces and will heat anything solid to absorb its energy.

Radiant barriers work by reducing heat gain. For radiant barriers to become effective, you must have a reflective surface facing an air space. If you have dust accumulation on any surface, this will reduce the reflective capabilities.

When installing radiant barriers, a professional should install them to minimize dust accumulations on reflective surfaces. 

How Much Will You Save With a Radiant Barrier?

According to the US Department of Energy, homeowners can expect to save around forty percent when they have radiant barriers in their attic. This will additionally add to your cooling cost savings during the summer. 

Also, remember that energy-efficient attic features such as new insulation, radiant barriers, and air gap sealing will increase the value of your home because it’s energy efficient. 

Types of Radiant Barriers

There are a couple of options you’ll get to choose from when selecting the type of radiant barrier you want. At Master Attic, our professionals will help you determine which type is best for your attic area. If you are having your attic insulation removed, this would be a great time to discuss adding a radiant barrier to increase your home’s energy efficiency. 


When you have an unperforated radiant barrier, it works as a vapor barrier because it prevents moisture and condensation from passing through. An unperforated radiant barrier would be ideal in a crawlspace to prevent moisture from transferring to the interior of your home.

Having an unperforated radiant barrier in an attic would create condensation on the interior of your attic, which could leak onto your attic insulation and attic flooring. As time passes, this may lead to a mold issue. 


A perforated radiant barrier has holes that allow the vapor from moisture to travel without allowing radiant heat inside. Since the surfaces fluctuate during the hot and cold months, perforated radiant barriers are recommended in attic areas.

When you have a perforated radiant barrier installed, it will eliminate moisture or heat issues that may compromise the integrity and performance of your roof.

Why are Radiant Barriers Beneficial?

During the summer, your roof constantly attracts the sun. With your roof taking a beating through the scorching heat, it will cause your attic to become very hot. When your attic becomes overheated, this will increase your energy costs and overwork your HVAC system as it struggles to keep the interior of your home cool.

During the summer months, radiant barriers are beneficial to reflect radiant heat so the interior of your home stays cool. During winter, radiant barriers are beneficial and will help melt the snow from your roof and prevent ice dams.

Some additional benefits of a radiant barrier include:

  • Lower energy usage
  • Temperature stability
  • Save money on utility costs
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Prevents ice dams
  • Increases the lifespan of your roof
  • Protects your storage

Why Should You Choose Master Attic for Your Radiant Barrier Needs

With over twenty years of experience, Master Attic provides efficient and safe services to the New Jersey and the Eastern Pennsylvania area. As a leading company in the Attic & Crawlspace Remediation industry, our top priority is to put customer care at the frontline of our work.

Our licensed technicians use professional and top-grade materials to ensure you receive long-lasting, effective, and safe solutions for years of comfort. When we discuss your radiant barrier needs, we will ensure we meet your needs and budget without sacrificing the integrity of the product.

Most importantly, our licensed technicians are trained within our company directly. Our team has remediated thousands of attic spaces throughout New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania, building a fantastic reputation with homeowners. If you’ve been contemplating adding radiant barriers to your attic, give us a call today

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