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Understanding why insulation is needed in your attic is important for every homeowner. Not only does it significantly reduce your energy costs each year, but it also helps prolong the life of your roof, ceiling, and the structure of your attic by helping to avoid other problems from occurring.

Insulation is used in your attic to regulate the temperature and avoid the transfer of a.c loss in the summer and heat in the winter from escaping through your attic. Air naturally rises up and without proper insulation, it will easily escape requiring your HVAC system to work extra hard to keep up to your desired temperature setting.

Attics that are poorly insulated, whether it be old or insufficient insulation can result in high energy bills, cold or heat drafts, mold or mildew, air-gapping, and may cause issues to the roof, ceiling, and studs of the attic. This occurs because the transfer of air and moisture from your home to your attic is not accomplished correctly. A well-insulated attic will ultimately save you thousands between energy costs and other expensive repairs that you may experience due to inadequate insulation.

We are industry leaders in insulation and will be able to educate you on what the proper insulation is needed for your attic and provide you with the highest quality insulation materials to meet your needs.

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