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Frequently, homeowners are unaware of the crawlspace issues that may occur. More accurately, not everyone makes a daily visit to their crawlspace but understanding the importance of a properly maintained crawlspace can prevent a host of structural and health issues. Excessive humidity and moisture that dwells in the crawlspace may cause condensation on the dirt ground creating the perfect environment for insects like termites, and mold spores that can significantly damage the wood, concrete walls, and insulation if not properly treated. The moisture that rises from the dirt to the interior of the home can be harmful and may contain airborne microbes that are generally not healthy to breathe and be exposed to without the proper protection.

A moisture barrier encapsulation in the crawlspace is the most effective long-term solution for the crawlspace and the issues that may come along with them under your home. We use only high-quality liners that come in 6mil, 10mil, and 20mil and secure it to the ground by sealing them with specialized moisture tape and using concrete washers and nails to properly secure them to the walls. This tarp-like barrier seals down the dirt and contains moisture from arising.

If you have concerns about your crawlspace don’t hesitate to call us and reach out to our expert team.

Signs to observe moisture buildup in the crawlspace include:

  •  Rotting wood on ceiling or studs
  •  Moldy musky odors
  •  Rusty pipes
  •  Puddles of water
  •  Soft or sagging floors
  •  Abnormal amount of insects
  •  Rodents
  •  Black, white or green spots on the wood ceiling or dirt floor


Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or concerns, we’re glad to be of service to you anytime.

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