when should you replace your home insulation

Most homeowners don’t think much about their attic and crawlspace insulation. Since it was usually installed before they moved in, people typically think that they don’t need to do anything else about it. But that’s not quite right. On the contrary, most of New Jersey’s and Pennsylvania’s households need to replace their attic and crawlspace insulation.

What is attic and crawlspace Insulation?

When a home is built, every material and element is supposed to serve a specific purpose. By creating a permeable thermal envelope in your walls, the purpose of insulation is to stabilize your attic and crawlspace’s temperature. It prevents hot air from escaping outside during the cold months, and it keeps your house cool during hot summers. Thereby, it’s important to replace your attic and crawlspace insulation if it becomes damaged or destroyed, since it won’t be protecting your house as well as it used to.

Squirrels and Raccoons Infestations

Homeowners have dealt with wildlife invasions all throughout history. In New Jersey and Pennsylvania, squirrels and raccoons can pose a serious problem for your attic and crawlspace insulation, since they often use it as a toilet. Their feces and urine ends up soaking in your attic and crawlspace insulation, which can breed bacteria and airborne diseases. This could end up causing an odor and a health issue, that could spread through your house’s ventilation system. Moreover, when your attic and crawlspace’s insulation is damaged, it creates large holes in the house’s thermal envelope, which facilitates the flow of hot air and increases your utility bills.

In cases like these, the best thing to do is to repair the attic and crawlspace’s thermal envelope by completely removing its insulation and getting rid of any remaining squirrel and raccoons feces. It’s also important to seal all potential entries that they could be using to get into your house. After this, the next step is to install brand-new attic and crawlspace insulation.

Construction & Renovations

Are you doing repairs to your house’s structure, or even adding a new section to it? If so, now is the perfect time to think about making an attic and crawlspace insulation upgrade. Not only will it fix existing air leaks, but it will also provide overall better temperature control, since most insulation products are much more effective today than they were a few decades ago. By upgrading your attic and crawlspace insulation, even partially, you could significantly reduce your utility costs, and save a lot of money over the years. 

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