What is Crawl Space Cleaning and Decontamination?

In the 1950s, crawl spaces were trendy among homes to avoid flooding. You’ll find that homes that do not have a concrete foundation have a crawl space in their home. If your property still has its crawlspace, you should most likely consider consulting a crawl space cleaning and decontamination service.


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What is Crawl Space Cleaning and Decontamination?

Regarding crawl spaces, these areas are the least visited by homeowners. Crawl spaces are the area under your home that is cool and dark and that most homeowners use for storage. Over time, you may notice falling insulation, excessive dust, debris, musky odors, or insects and rodents.

What is the Process of Crawl Space Cleaning and Decontamination?

Keeping your crawlspace clean is crucial to keeping your home in great shape. When scheduling our crawlspace cleaning and decontamination service, we follow specific steps to keep your home in its original condition. As part of the process, we will:

Remove Debris.

Before our team begins cleaning, we must remove any debris left in your crawlspace. Once we have removed leftover debris, if there is noticeable damage to your insulation, we can remove your old crawlspace insulation and install new insulation.

Having efficient insulation in your crawlspace is beneficial in keeping your home warm and saves energy costs. Since houses are prone to mold and moisture, new crawlspace insulation will prevent humidity in your crawlspace and cold air from seeping in.

In addition, there could also be the possibility of damaged barriers being present. We would create a moisture barrier encapsulation to seal down dirt and contain water to avoid moisture and mold growth.

Remove Rodents

If you’re dealing with a rodent issue or leaky pipe, this may cause your insulation to fall or collect moisture. Rodents love to find a home in warm insulation, causing it to fall out of place. In the event this occurs, damaged insulation would be removed, and new installation would be put into place.

In addition to removing damaged crawlspace insulation, our team at Master Attic can rodent-proof your crawlspace to prevent any future problems from arising.

Inspect for Water Leaks

During a crawlspace cleanup and decontamination, if we identify any crawlspace water leaks, our team will notify you immediately. For the best long-term solution, our team can perform a moisture barrier encapsulation that will use a high-quality liner to prevent moisture from arising and to prevent future water leak damage. 

Moisture Barrier Installation

Once our team has completed your crawlspace cleaning and decontamination, we would clean up any surface debris and prepare your surface to install a moisture barrier. This moisture barrier would prevent future moisture buildup that comes from the dirt on your surface. In addition, our team would rodent-proof, seal air gaps, and sanitize your crawlspace.

When installing a moisture barrier, this tarp-like barrier would be sealed to the walls and the floor. If you notice musky odors, rotting wood, rodents, or puddles of water, you’ll want to add a moisture barrier encapsulation after the crawlspace cleanup and decontamination process completion.

What are the Benefits of Crawlspace Cleaning and Decontamination?

When you hire a crawlspace cleaning and decontamination service, it offers many benefits to your home that will save extra money in your pocket. Some advantages of a crawlspace cleaning and decontamination are:

Crawlspace Cleaning and Decontamination Improves Your Indoor Air Quality

A crawlspace cleaning and decontamination can drastically improve the indoor air quality of your home. Over time, contaminants can seep through the floor and into the air, preventing clean air from circulating.

Lowers Your Utility Bills

At Master Attic, our team is trained to give you the best crawlspace cleaning for your buck! During the cleanup, if needed, we will also remove and install new crawlspace insulation to help your HVAC system operate efficiently. When your HVAC system works efficiently, this will lead to lower utility bills.

Reduces HVAC Issues

The more your HVAC system works overtime to run, the more likely you’ll start running into issues and need to replace parts. A crawlspace cleanup and decontamination will prevent your HVAC system from overworking itself and save on energy.

Extends the Life of Your Insulation

Even though insulation can last for decades, when damaged by rodents or water damage, it will cause the insulation to break down. If your insulation needs replacing after the crawlspace cleanup, we can perform a crawlspace insulation removal.

Protects Your Crawlspace from Rodents

At Master Attic, our team can safeguard your home from pesky critters and other rodents. You can prevent rodents from finding an entry point by Rodent Proofing & air-sealing your crawlspace.

Gives Extra Storage Space

After your crawlspace cleanup and decontamination, you will find that this has enhanced your crawlspace availability. This space would become used for extra storage and other less-used items.

Increases Strength of Your Structure

If you have moisture buildup or damage from unwanted pests, the structural integrity of your home will become damaged. A crawlspace cleanup will keep your area well-maintained to cut the risks of rotting, mold growth, and mildew.

Fewer Maintenance Costs

Since keeping your crawlspace clean will prevent unwanted mold growth, moisture, and crawlspace pests from entering your home, a proper crawlspace and decontamination will lead to fewer maintenance costs. Your crawlspace will be in exceptional condition for years, requiring fewer repairs. 

Final Thoughts

At Master Attic, we know your home is designed to make you feel comfortable and safe. Outside annoyances could enter your home without scheduling a crawlspace cleaning and decontamination service. Addressing these issues quickly can prevent extensive damage and repairs. 

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