What is Professional Attic Cleaning in New Jersey?

Like many homeowners, you’ve most likely neglected to have your attic professionally cleaned. Attics are often a forgotten area that may not seem as important as other areas of the home, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. 

While it’s understandable to forget about cleaning your attic, putting off having a professional attic cleaning can lead to more significant issues in the future. If you have a rodent infestation, this can create damage throughout your attic. The longer you go without a professional attic cleaning, the more expensive it can be if you need to make repairs.

What is Professional Attic Cleaning in New Jersey?

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What is Professional Attic Cleaning?

A homeowner may fully appreciate the benefits of an attic cleaning until they’ve had their attic professionally cleaned. A professional attic cleaning service will do more than just clean an attic. A professional attic cleaning service may include the following services:

You may only need some services when getting an attic cleaning, as it depends on the condition of your attic. For example, if you have a rodent infestation, professionals will perform rodent removal, decontaminate the area, then rodent-proof your attic.

If this is your first time contacting an attic cleaning service, you may need more than one service for a complete attic cleaning. 

Benefits of Professional Attic Cleaning

Having a professional attic cleaning is a regular part of home maintenance. A professional attic cleaning can lower monthly energy costs and reduce future maintenance costs.

Reduces Toxins

The condition you keep in your home impacts the health of you and your loved ones. This is especially true when considering your home’s indoor air quality. When your home has poor indoor air quality, this can cause unwanted respiratory issues.

The two most common things in the attic are dust, rodent urine, and droppings. When you have a rodent infestation, they can leave a trail of urine and feces behind, creating health risks.

To avoid diseases from rodent feces, contact a professional attic cleaning service to remove a rodent infestation.

Increases Energy Efficiency

Your attic’s insulation protects your home from transferring warm air from inside to outside. This is a crucial part of regulating the temperature inside your home. If you aren’t contacting a professional attic cleaning service, you may be unaware of your problem.

When you don’t have sufficient attic insulation, your HVAC system can work over time, making your home less energy efficient. The easiest way to assess your attic’s insulation is to call an expert and schedule an attic cleaning service.

Reduces Maintenance Costs

When a professional attic cleaning service cleans your attic, you can identify and make repairs before spending money on costly damages. You can catch rodent infestations before they become large and create structural damage. 

Why Do I Need Professional Attic Cleaning Services?

Moisture Problems

Whether your roof has leaked or you’ve experienced water damage and moisture problems from severe weather, you should avoid entering your attic and wait for a professional to assess the situation. If you have moisture around the wood in your attic, there may be damage to your attic. When the structural integrity of your attic has been compromised, you risk rotting or damaged wood beams caving in, especially after long moisture exposure.

When working in a poorly ventilated area, there’s also the risk of toxic mold. In addition to moisture issues and mold, you also run the risk of damaged electrical wiring that may come into contact with moisture. Professional attic cleaning services are well-trained to handle these issues and situations. 

Post Rodent Removal

The job doesn’t end there after you’ve removed rodents from your attic. After rodent removal, a professional should thoroughly clean and disinfect your attic to prevent the risk of diseases left behind by rodents. Rodents can leave diseases behind from their tracks of urine and feces.

If your attic is very enclosed, inhaling these pathogens is also risky. In almost every rodent removal situation, you almost always should replace your attic insulation.

Another concern is dead rodents, which can attract other rodents if not removed properly. It’s essential never to try and pick up a dead rodent on your own. Dead rodents are considered toxic; a professional should be the only one to handle and remove them.

Master Attic offers raccoon removal, squirrel removal, attic cleaning services, and insulation removal and installation, so you can find everything you need all in one place. We do the restoration work and humanely remove any wildlife to return them to their natural habitat. 

Toxic Insulation

If you’ve had a large rodent infestation, you might need to replace your attic insulation. Since rodents are very social, they tend to travel with more than just one pest when making their way through your attic. Rodents can leave urine stains, chewed holes, and nests in your insulation.

To avoid insulation becoming a risk of hosting diseases and health issues after rodent removal, have a professional perform an attic cleaning and remove and replace your attic insulation. 

Why You Should Choose Master Attic for Professional Attic Cleaning

If you’re looking for a reliable and efficient professional attic cleaning service, Master Attic can get the job done right. Master Attic offers top-notch attic cleaning services, including insulation removal, rodent removal, and more! Our team of experts can thoroughly clean your attic, organize your attic, and remove any hazardous materials.

Our professional attic cleaning service includes:

  • Pre-cleaning assessment
  • Preparation and containment
  • Attic floor cleaning
  • Insulation removal (if necessary)
  • Attic sanitation
  • Final clean-up and inspection

If you need an attic cleaning, contact our team of professionals to schedule your free in-home estimate today

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