How Often Should You Clean Up Your Attic?

Attic cleaning is anything but a good time, but mold, dust, and other allergens can nest in this commonly neglected area. Add to the fact that most attics are hot and stuffy, so most homeowners don’t want to clean their attic until it’s necessary.

Neglecting your attic can lead to mold and allergens, rodent infestations, and damaged insulation. The longer you let your attic go unattended and without cleaning, the higher the risk of allergies occurring and possibly spreading disease from contaminants. So how often should you clean up your attic?

As you continue reading, we’ll discuss more in-depth the best time to clean up your attic, how often you should clean your attic, and why you should hire a professional for an attic clean-up

How Often Should You Clean Up Your Attic?

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When is the Best Time to Clean Up Your Attic?

The best time to clean up your attic is when the outside temperature is moderate, mainly during the spring or fall. Summer can be too hot, and winter can be uncomfortably cold. 

Spring Attic Clean-Up

Every year, spring is when homeowners do the deepest cleaning. Spring is also one of the best times to clean up the attic because of the mild temperatures. When doing an attic cleanup, you should begin in the morning and stop if it becomes too hot or uncomfortable.

Spring is also one of the best times to clean your attic and inspect your attic’s insulation before your HVAC system kicks into gear for the summer. During an inspection, look for moisture, dampness, or any other signs that show you need to make necessary repairs from the winter. 

Autumn Attic Clean-Up

Other homeowners may find that autumn is another excellent time to clean their attic. Cleaning your attic in the autumn will allow you to check for leaks, rodent infestations, or insulation damage before winter approaches. During the autumn, your attic will be colder; however, it’s still essential to wear protective gear when cleaning your attic

How Often Should You Clean Up Your Attic?

The truth is, the more often you tend to your attic, the less time you’ll spend cleaning it. It’s recommended to clean your attic twice a year, once in the spring and once in the autumn. When hiring a professional for an attic cleanup, you should do a one-time complete cleanup and adequately maintain your attic to keep it clean for years to come. 

If you suspect a problem with your attic, you should hire a professional to perform an attic cleanup and check your attic immediately. If you’ve encountered problems with your attic’s insulation, acting quickly will help avoid further issues.

You should never attempt to remove or replace damaged insulation because of airborne pathogens. In these poorly ventilated attic spaces, animals can nest and leave their feces, urine, and other debris. When you contact a professional for an attic cleaning, they have advanced equipment that can break down unwanted organisms left by rodents to get rid of bacteria and odors effectively. 

What Time of Year is Best For an Attic Clean Up?

If possible, avoid cleaning your attic during the harsher seasons, such as summer and winter. This especially goes for parts of the country where temperatures get high or low.

Your attic space plays the primary role and is a barrier between your home and the outside world. The attic helps control the temperature in your home. It can make it cold during the winter or blazing hot during the summer.

If you clean your attic during the winter, dressing in appropriate protective gear will be more effortless. Even though unpleasant, you will wear protective layers to shield you from the cold. The layers will also protect you from allergens and insulation materials irritating your skin or breathing.

If your house is uncomfortably cold during the winter, you may want to check in on your attic for insulation damage or wear and tear. When having your attic cleaned by our professionals at Master Attic, our team has the appropriate gear and experience to perform an attic cleanup in any environment.  

Main Benefits of an Attic Clean-Up

To reduce your monthly utility costs and reduce maintenance costs over time, an attic clean-up should be a part of your home’s regular maintenance. Some of the core benefits of an efficient attic clean-up are:

  • Reduces toxins and irritants
  • Increases your energy efficiency
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Better air quality
  • No rodent infestations
  • Better insulation
  • Prevents mold growth

Why You Should Hire a Professional for an Attic Clean Up

In the majority of situations, professionals come with the proper protective gear, large commercial grade garbage cans, and high-powered vacuums that extend out of the house to eliminate contaminating the rest of the house. Hiring a professional is the best solution when there are also rodents present.

The term attic clean up can mean more than just a regular cleaning. When you hire a professional for an attic clean-up, they can help rodent-proof your attic, repair damaged insulation, or disinfect and sanitize. These tasks should always be left up to the professionals and never attempted on your own. 

Why Should You Choose Master Attic for an Attic Clean-Up

Our professionals at Master Attic are dedicated to providing our customers with a top-rated attic clean-up service in New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania. Our knowledgeable professionals have the best tools and techniques to ensure that you receive safe and efficient results. At Master Attic, we understand that having a safe, clean, and well-maintained attic is essential for a healthy and comfortable home.

We are committed to delivering top-rated attic clean-up services that meet your needs and budget. Our main priority is restoring your attic space to its original condition and putting your mind at ease. Contact our professionals today to schedule one of our reliable attic cleanup services. 

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