Crawl Space Insulation: Expert Advice and Tips

As homes begin to evolve in the United States, crawl spaces are becoming less and less common. When dealing with crawl space insulation, there’s a process professionals must use to ensure your crawl space remains free from moisture. Crawl space insulation is a protective barrier from the outside elements and is best to protect your home from your climate.

As you continue reading below, we’ll discuss six expert advice and tips when installing crawl space insulation in your home.

Crawl Space Insulation Expert Advice and Tips

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6 Crawl Space Insulation Tips for Homeowners

Here are six crawl space insulation advice and tips for homeowners.

1. Check the Condition of Your Foundation

If you’ve ever experienced issues with your home’s foundation, you know the repair costs can be expensive. Before insulating your crawl space, you should take the time and effort to handle any foundation issues. Installing crawl space insulation before addressing foundation issues covers the problem and costs more money in the long run.

If there’s any evidence of foundation issues in your home, you can contact a local expert to determine how to handle these areas before installing crawl space insulation.

Some of the common causes of crawl space foundation problems are:

  • Drainage problems around your home’s foundation
  • Rotted support piers
  • Improperly installed screw jacks
  • Very little support piers
  • Swelling and shrinking support piers that make them non-vertical

2. Check Your Building Codes

Local building codes regulate a homeowner’s crawl space, construction, and insulation in every area. Before having a professional install your crawl space insulation, you should research your local building codes to ensure you follow the proper regulations to install your crawl space insulation safely.

3. Keep Your Crawl Space Away from Outdoor Air

The question of whether or not to vent your crawl space is virtually nonexistent now. A vented crawl space works if you live in a warm and dry environment. However, crawl space encapsulation and insulation can help keep moisture and air out and is the best option for your home, if you have a dirt floor. 

To isolate your crawl space from the outdoors, you should seal off your foundation and air vents from the outdoors. 

4. Remove Standing Water

Having insufficient crawl space insulation might only be the beginning of your worries. Standing water is another common problem that occurs in crawl spaces. To keep your crawl space dry, you should have any drainage issues handled before tackling moisture issues.

One way to remove standing water from your crawl space is to direct your downspouts away from your home, clean your gutters, and seal any cracks in your foundation. You must address standing water issues before installing crawl space insulation in your home. 

5. Install a Vapor Barrier

One of the best tips when installing crawl space insulation is to have a vapor barrier to prevent moisture from rising off the ground. With a vapor barrier, a professional lays a four or 6-millimeter sheet of plastic down on your floor, keeping inches exposed on every edge where it contacts your insulation.

If you use your crawl space for storage, you can use a thicker vapor barrier to account for the extra storage and weight.

6. Insulate Your Rim Joists

One of our last tips when installing crawl space insulation is to insulate your rim joists. Your rim joists are prone to condensation formations due to temperature changes between the inside and outside of your crawl space. Have a professional install your rim joists while ensuring your insulation has the recommended R-Value.

Why You Should Choose Master Attic for Your Crawl Space Insulation

To help protect the floors in your home and your home’s structure and to decrease energy costs, crawl space insulation is essential. This area of your home is prone to moisture and dampness, so installing your crawl space insulation correctly is vital.

At Master Attic, our licensed professionals understand the importance, so we provide only the best services that exceed all expectations. Our professionals can inspect your crawl space to ensure it’s good to go before we install your insulation.

Whether you need new crawl space insulation or a replacement, our experts have you covered. Contact our experts to have your crawl space insulation professionally installed.

Frequently Asked Questions

While you technically could, addressing foundation issues is recommended to avoid future damages and high costs.

Remove all standing water to avoid damaging your new insulation, and ensure your crawl space is dry.

Yes, you can insulate your crawl space rim joists.

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