Racoon Removal

If you are experiencing loud noises in your attic, you may have a raccoon invasion. This can be a very fast destructing dangerous situation that can lead to much damage, if not carefully handled by professionals immediately.

Raccoons typically enter an attic for shelter and safe haven from other wildlife where they can have their babies and protect their families. It’s common for raccoons to enter your attic in groups of 1-6 rapidly becoming a very territorial takeover and beginning destruction immediately. The warmth of the insulation and quiet space is a perfect breeding ground for raccoons to mate and sleep, causing a chain reaction and attracting future wildlife to your attic due to their territorial nature and scent. This type of invasion can cause serious damage to your attic leaving behind toxic waste and urine, chewing wires, tearing out air ducts, damaging vents, breaking gas lines, damaging pipes, and destroying your insulation.

At Master Attic, Our team of certified experts is well trained and fearless in efficiently remediating and evicting these invasive destructive creatures from your home safely and effectively, protecting you and your loved ones during the process.

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