Sanitizer Decontamination

Following remediation in your attic or crawlspace, these areas have had years of insulation and debris with many unknown contaminants and bacteria that may be present. Especially if there has been a rodent infestation, the droppings and urine leave behind germs, fungi, and viruses that can be potentially harmful. Most importantly, when a rodent infestation is being remediated in your home, to assure the scent and attraction of any future rodents is gone, decontamination of the affected areas is super necessary. This process is also very beneficial for the long-term structural well-being of these spaces to help prevent possible future mold growth and fungi. We use a safe and effective, eco-friendly sanitizer to apply to any necessary areas.

Our Master Attic team is task ready and equipped with the proper gear to rid these unsanitary areas and assure your home is safe from any potential contaminants that may harbor any health risks to your family.

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