Every home is built in a way that air loss is presently costing you money in energy, and may cause drafts, ice dams, dust, and un-even Temperatures. When a contractor builds a home, there are areas like wires, pipes, and light fixtures for example that are left with a larger size hole around them that causes significant air loss. Especially the joining of walls in the attic is left with an air gap. Although your attic may be insulated, sealing these air leaks is key to preventing roughly 15% air loss.


Ensuring your attic is not leaking air is the best way to make sure your attic is as energy-efficient as possible. We use high-grade spray foam to seal off these air leaking zones and prevent air loss saving you money on energy bills, and restoring a comfortable indoor climate.

Here are the most common areas to observe if you are concerned about your attic or crawlspace: