Rodent Proofing

Image of a crawl space containing anti-rodent grids

Rodents that have become your unwanted neighbors, either living above your head in the attic, alongside you in the walls, or crawling beneath your floors in the crawlspace, can be a great nuisance and quite rapidly lead to various other structural and health issues. As a leading brand in the industry, we pride ourselves on … Read more

Air Gap Sealing

Installation of an air gap seal around the air ducts

Every home is built in a way that air loss is presently costing you money in energy, and may cause drafts, ice dams, dust, and un-even Temperatures. When a contractor builds a home, there are areas like wires, pipes, and light fixtures for example that are left with a larger size hole around them that … Read more

New Insulation

Image of a crawl space with brand new insulation

Insulation in the crawlspace is very beneficial to help with not only keeping your floor warm and saving you money on energy bills but also helps with the long-term structure of your wood floor. Crawlspaces are prone to different issues like mold, moisture, and dampness. When the air is being contained inside your home by … Read more

Moisture Barrier Encapsulation

Moisture barrier installed in a basement to prevent moisture from entering the house

Frequently, homeowners are unaware of the crawlspace issues that may occur. More accurately, not everyone makes a daily visit to their crawlspace but understanding the importance of a properly maintained crawlspace can prevent a host of structural and health issues. Excessive humidity and moisture that dwells in the crawlspace may cause condensation on the dirt … Read more

Insulation Removal

Image of a crawl space where the insulation has been ripped out

The crawlspace is an area under your home and floors that is a quiet and cool dark space. Most homeowners do not spend a lot of time down there unless they store items or need to do regular maintenance. It’s common to have all sorts of insects and rodents occupying the space and can do … Read more

Crawlspace & Basement Cleanup

The dark and quiet areas of your home like the crawlspace & basement are often forgotten about and left alone for years. These spaces are prone to all sorts of hidden issues that are not always discovered right away and should be inspected regularly.