Rodent Proofing

Rodents that have become your unwanted neighbor's, either living above your head in the attic, alongside you in the walls or crawling beneath your floors in the crawlspace can be a great nuisance and lead to various other problems. As professionals, we pride ourselves with our main priority of this business; preventing all rodents such as squirrels, raccoons, chipmunks, mice,flying squirrels,rats and many other creatures from entering your property.

Many homeowners may be unaware of rodents residing in unwanted places, which can be the cause of dangerous situations. According to studies, nearly one-third of Americans are plagued by rodent infestation. Furthermore, rodents invade approximately 20 million U.S homes each winter. Seeking shelter, rodents tend to enter either at night or at day, depending on their natural habits such as sleeping and mating. The warmth and comfort of the insulation is a perfect place for rodents to create nests, beds, and other sorts of dwellings. This kind of activity can destroy your insulation, air ducts and your attic if the infestation is free to run its course.

The consequences of neglecting an infestation problem can create a toxic environment for you, your family's home, or workplace. Alive or dead, any rodent in your property is affecting your quality of life. When they are alive, they leave behind feces urine and fungi in the insulation, air ducts and Overall attic. Mice and rats carry salmonella, and disease-causing parasites such as ticks, fleas and lice. Dead rodents are even worse, because they attract all sorts of bacteria, which creates viruses and diseases. All this can potentially create an unhealthy breathing situation, because it is unknown to you. The air will also acquire a foul scent due to the dead carcasses left to decay in your air ducts. Rodents are a potential fire hazard as well, they tend to chew on wires and mess with light fixtures, as well as damage your sheet rock with their nails, scratching and creating holes in the ceiling.

Some have the misconception that hiring an exterminator will take care of the problem completely, but this issue cannot be addressed by simply laying traps and using other methods such as poison to kill the rodents. The reason that this is not an effective method is quite simple, Calling an exterminator is a quick fix to a problem that requires a different solution and will not permanently get rid of the rodents, Laying traps and using poison only kills the existing rodents, it does not prevent new ones that are entering because of the scent of feces, urine or dead rodents. Simply killing them is a waste of time, and is counterproductive to solving the issue for the long haul. Rodents can enter your property in various ways. They enter either through your gutters, or by climbing on trees or finding small holes the sizes of a quarter or even a dime on your roof, leading into your attic. They can also access your crawlspace through openings such as pipe gaps and open vents. From there they find openings in the ceiling of the crawlspace and run in between the walls to the attic.

At Master Attic, our technicians are very skilled at finding these points of entry. They can spot a hole the size of a dime and up around the perimeter of your home, whether it be in the crawlspace, rooftop, attic, or attic floor. Unlike exterminators who only provide a temporary fix, our technicians are trained to find existing holes and prevent any rodent from reentering your home or commercial property.

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